United Center vaccine sign-up continues despite some early glitches

The United Center vaccine site is getting closer to being operational with thousands of people registered for appointments.

Video Transcript

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: United Center vaccination site here behind me getting closer to being operational, and a team from the Army is expected to be here today to support the work being done. Now, a 200 person team similar to this one from the 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell, Kentucky is preparing to deploy to the United Center today where this new tent is being erected for drive-up vaccinations. Yesterday, thousands of people, including Nancy Lilley of Plainfield, were frustrated right as appointments opened up at 8:30 AM.

NANCY LILLEY: And, as soon as I get to the point where you can actually choose an appointment, it would circle back around. It would just keep me in a loop.

JESSICA D'ONOFRIO: City officials say, despite some early glitches with the appointment-making website Zocdoc and issues with an overwhelmed call-in option, almost 28,000 seniors had registered by phone and online by mid-afternoon. The site offering 110,000 appointment slots, but seniors will continue to have exclusive access to them until 4:00 PM on Sunday.

City officials say initial drive-through appointments were all booked yesterday, but walk-up appointments are still available. The United Center vaccination site will be the biggest one in the state, and it will have a soft opening next Tuesday.