United In Movement - A Global Fundraising Initiative Seeking To Unite People Through Movement

United In Movement - A Global Fundraising Initiative Seeking To Unite People Through Movement

United In Movement - A Global Fundraising Initiative Seeking To Unite People Through Movement

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform aims to bring the global community together through fitness, all in an effort to raise awareness, relief funds & community spirit

MIAMI, April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- United in Movement, a newly launched initiative, focuses on harnessing the power of fitness to bring the world together during a time of global isolation. In addition to uniting the community and lifting its spirit, the end goal is to raise relief funds for those severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Its viral launch earlier this week has already netted thousands of reposts, including influencers, brands, actors and professional athletes showing their solidarity for the cause. Absent of text, the simple graphic of multi-colored arrows was meant to elicit curiosity and symbolize the diversity of the global participants all moving "forward, together." The launch quickly took over social media, amounting to hundreds of millions of impressions. Support has been shown from the likes of global brands like Reebok, Chipotle, Yeti, Rogue, and NoBull, athletes such as the reigning CrossFit Games champions, Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey, MLB World Series winner & Yankee legend Jorge Posada and pitching great Javier Vazquez, as well as Oscar winning actress Anna Paquin, and prominent movie & television actors Wilmer Valderrama & Max Greenfield.

More than simply raising awareness and inspiring fitness, the financial donations for United in Movement is expected to exceed its target of one million dollars (US), with 100% of the proceeds disseminated to several notable non-profits. Among other areas of support, the funds raised will assist humanitarian and relief efforts across the globe, as well as fitness related small businesses & local gyms. The non-profits include Action Against Hunger, known as the "hunger specialists," and whose global efforts save hundreds of thousands of lives each year, Red Cross Global, who provide emergency assistance & disaster relief, and the CrossFit Foundation, which supports the work of its international gyms and other charitable organizations that use fitness to serve the needs of their diverse communities on a global level.

United in Movement is truly a global movement and fundraising effort, organized by professionals, elite athletes, fitness event owners, brand leaders, and organizations from across 6 different continents who are volunteering their time & resources to help move the world while staying at home as part of the social distancing efforts to combat the pandemic. "We aim to unite & support the world through the most natural and essential characteristic of a human being: movement. Delivering solidarity to the global population will be a monumental achievement done by a unique, caring and committed community. United we will move the world, and move it forward" said an official United in Movement representative.

The format of the fundraising initiative has two components: an at-home free to the public fitness challenge, and a live media platform, which commences with a 24-hour live broadcast starting on Friday, April 3rd at 8pm ET. Consisting of compelling interviews with celebrities and influencers across varying industries, including sport, fitness, cinema, brand marketing, with a heavy focus on fitness-focused activities & instructional demo's to keep a diverse audience engaged throughout. The livestream will culminate with the announcement of the first of seven workouts released over the ensuing seven days for the global community to participate and compete against each other. With different variations based on an individual's fitness and skill level, the focus is on the fact that anybody and everybody can participate and move together.

If the viral campaign's strong start is any indication, the United in Movement initiative is set to become a historic movement that will help change the world during these unprecedented and challenging times. To learn more, participate, volunteer or donate, head to unitedinmovement.org.

About United in Movement:
United in Movement seeks to use fitness as a vehicle to bring the global community together during a difficult time of isolation and uncertainty. Our mission is to unite the entire planet in movement, and rally together to improve the world through the raising of awareness, the raising of spirits, and the raising of relief funds to support those affected by the pandemic. https://unitedinmovement.org/ | www.instagram.com/unitedinmovement/ | https://twitter.com/unitedinmvmt | https://www.facebook.com/unitedinmvmt/                            

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