United Is Starting To Offer White Claw On Flights So Get Your Bags Packed

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Photo credit: United
Photo credit: United

Something about drinking an alcoholic beverage on a plane is so posh. Whenever I see someone order some booze when flying I can't help but think they're a very important person with very important places to be. Lucky for those who fly United, the airline is going to start offering White Claw on some flights and I personally can't wait to go pinkies up with a hard seltz in the sky.

Starting on June 1, United's offerings are going to be totally revamped. On most flights over two hours long, passengers will be able to purchase beer, wine, and White Claw hard seltzers. Then, on June 15, United will be introducing a new menu of for-purchase snacks and new cabin meal options for flights over 1,500 miles or more than two hours.

To make it easier on guests, all of the new items will be available for purchase through United's contactless payment process. Passengers can pay on their smart devices using the United app or United website as long as they save their payment information in a digital wallet prior to the flight. Once that's all set when guests order they can charge it to that payment information by providing their name and seat number.

Along with the White Claw mango-flavored hard seltzer, passengers 21 and over can order Breckenridge Brewery Juice Drop Hazy IPA, Kona Brewing Co. Big Wave Golden Ale, Michelob ULTRA, Stella Artois, and from a selection of red, white, and sparkling wine options. Pair any of those with the new tapas snack box or chips and salsa box and you'll be living large on your next United flight.

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