United States of Al - Dog Tags

Lizzie can't find Michael's dog tags.

Video Transcript

- Lose something?

- Don't worry about it.

- Jeez, hope you find your manners in there.

- Why do you got so much stuff in your purse?

- What am I a guest on your podcast?

- I lost Michael's dog tags.

- Oh. Well, OK. Don't worry, they'll turn up.

- Oh, yeah, here they are.

- Oh really?

- No!

- Where did you lose them?

- I don't know. That's what lost means.

- I'm surprised. I've just never seen you take them off.

- I don't. I had them on last night and I went to the party and then-- they must have fallen off somewhere.

- No, problem. Where was this party?

- It was out by Walnut Creek.

- That's just woods. Who has a party in the woods?

- Bad people. Who do you think?

- All right. Let's go find them.

- There's no way.

- Not without assistance.

- What do you mean?

- I got a friend. Walk with me.

Bertha, we need your help.

- Your friend is a rifle?

- That's Emily. Bertha's my metal detector.

Hello, Darling.

- There's a reason you're not dating.