'Universe' and 'The Love Trap': The 5 best things on TV on Wednesday, 27 October

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'Universe' and 'The Love Trap' are in Wednesday's TV highlights. (BBC/ITV)
'Universe' and 'The Love Trap' are in Wednesday's TV highlights. (BBC/ITV)

Professor Brian Cox opens out eyes to the wonders of the solar system again tonight in new BBC Two series Universe.

Dating shows get yet another new spin in Channel 4's The Love Trap, where singles who aren't genuine about finding romance will be dropped through a trapdoor by Joel Dommett.

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Channel 5 launches its own police fly on the wall series tonight with a fresh take on the genre, Police Hour of Duty, while best pals Beverley Callard and Jordan North are back in Spain for ITV as they continue their plans for Destination Wedding.

Over on Disney+, the latest behind-the-scenes Marvel show features the making of animated series What If...?

The best TV to watch tonight, Wednesday 27 October, 2021

Universe - BBC Two - 9pm

Programme Name: Universe - TX: n/a - Episode: Universe - ep 5 (No. 5) - Picture Shows: Just a few hundred million years after the Big Bang, massive, violent blue stars dominated the skies of the very first planets to form in the universe.  - (C) BBC - Photographer: Lola Post Production
Discover the story of the cosmos. (BBC/Lola Post Production)

Professor Brian Cox launches new series Universe, where he shares his infectious enthusiasm for the cosmos and our place in it.

The first episode sees him track his exploration right back to the dawn of time, explaining how stars created life and where our own star, the sun, came in to the story.

The Love Trap - Channel 4 - 10pm

Love Trap S1, Ep1, LOVE TRAP. Saran, Elise, Thea, J'Harie, David, Chloe, Demi, Kelly, Eleanor.
Which of the women will exit through the trapdoor? (ITV)

If you don't already have enough dating shows in your life, you might find The One in this new format hosted by comedian Joel Dommett.

Asking the age-old reality TV question "are they in it for the right reasons?", single women try to win the heart of an eligible bachelor.

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But half of them are only interested in the hefty cash prize, and if he suspects them of chasing the money, they'll be unceremoniously dropped through a trapdoor in the floor.

Police Hour of Duty - Channel 5 - 9pm

PC James Wilkinson, PC Phil Briggs - Response officer based at Chesterfield police station.
See what happens in just an hour on duty. (Channel 5)

Emergency services fly-on-the-wall series are always fascinating, and this new Channel 5 offering has a good focus in that it shows us just a snapshot from an hour of police on duty.

Derbyshire Police show us the incidents they're called out to between 9pm and 10pm, including a drugs raid and a woman concerned about her brother harming himself.

Beverley and Jordan: Destination Wedding - ITV - 8pm

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Beverley & Jordan: Destination Wedding: Ep2 on ITV and ITV Hub.

Pictured: Jordan North and Beverley Callard try traditional Spanish dress in Madrid.

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The pair buy outfits for the big day. (ITV)

Unlikely BFFs Beverley Callard and Jordan North continue their trip around Spain planning the Corrie legend's vow renewal to infamous husband Jon, much talked about during their I'm A Celeb stint.

Tonight, Callard is searching for a flamenco-style wedding dress and the pair travel to Toledo to learn how to make a traditional wedding cake.

Marvel Studios Assembled: What If...? - Disney+

Two new episodes of 'Marvel Studios Assembled' are heading to Disney+ in October. (Disney)
Two new episodes of 'Marvel Studios Assembled' are heading to Disney+ in October. (Disney)

In Disney+'s second behind-the-scenes at Marvel feature, the documentary follows the animated series What If...? which reimagines what would happen if key moments in the MCU had gone in a different direction.

The programme looks at how the company got into animation and the storytelling potential created by leaving behind accepted plot lines.

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