Universities With the Most Undergraduates

Travis Mitchell

Schools With the Highest Undergrad Enrollment

The undergraduate population at most U.S. colleges can range from several hundred to more than 50,000.

The schools on this list, compiled from fall 2013 data reported to U.S. News by colleges and universities, may appeal to students looking for a big community with a variety of activities and majors.

Updated 12/17/2014: This slideshow has been updated to reflect ranks and data from the 2015 U.S. News Best Colleges rankings.

10. Michigan State University

Total undergraduate enrollment: 37,988

U.S. News rank and category: 85 (tie), National Universities

Acceptance rate: 68.7 percent

More about Michigan State University.

9. Arizona State University--Tempe

Total undergraduate enrollment: 38,735

U.S. News rank and category: 129 (tie), National Universities

Acceptance rate: 80.2 percent

More about Arizona State University.

8. Florida International University

Total undergraduate enrollment: 39,045

U.S. News rank and category: RNP, National Universities

Acceptance rate: 43 percent

More about Florida International University.

7. University of Texas--Austin

Total undergraduate enrollment: 39,979

U.S. News rank and category: 53, National Universities

Acceptance rate: 40.2 percent

More about UT--Austin.

6. Pennsylvania State University--University Park

Total undergraduate enrollment: 40,085

U.S. News rank and category: 48 (tie), National Universities

Acceptance rate: 55.5 percent

More about Pennsylvania State University.

5. Ohio State University--Columbus

Total undergraduate enrollment: 44,201

U.S. News rank and category: 54 (tie), National Universities

Acceptance rate: 55.5 percent

More about Ohio State University.

4. Texas A&M University--College Station

Total undergraduate enrollment: 44,315

U.S. News rank and category: 68 (tie), National Universities

Acceptance rate: 69.2 percent

More about Texas A&M University.

3. Liberty University (VA)

Total undergraduate enrollment: 47,460

U.S. News rank and category: 80, Regional Universities (South)

Acceptance rate: 21.2 percent

More about Liberty University.

2. DeVry University (IL)

Total undergraduate enrollment: 48,782

U.S. News rank and category: RNP, Regional Universities (Midwest)

Acceptance rate: N/A

More about DeVry University.

1. University of Central Florida

Total undergraduate enrollment: 51,269

U.S. News rank and category: 173 (tie), National Universities

Acceptance rate: 48.9 percent

More about University of Central Florida.

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