University of Pennsylvania students gather for pro-Palestine demonstration

PHILADELPHIA - Students at the University of Pennsylvania came together Tuesday to voice their support for Palestine amid the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel.

The rally comes days after UPenn officials addressed antiemetic messages that were projected against a campus building, and hateful emails that targeted members of the school's Jewish community.

The statement signed by UPenn President Mary Elizabeth Magill, condemned the antisemitic acts and words and acknowledged the amount of hurt and fear it is causing for their Jewish students, staff and faculty.

"At a time when campuses across the country are being targeted with these types of threats, my first and highest priority is the safety and security of our community," said President Magill. "Threats of violence are not tolerated at Penn and will be met with swift and forceful action."

Miranda Sklaroff, a UPenn Graduate student, is a Jewish community member who voiced her support Tuesday for Palestine and called for peace. Sklaroff said it was her "Jewish principals" that motivated her to "side with the oppressed."

"To me, my Jewish principals have always made me want to side with the oppressed, want peace, and want to see the divine in everyone," Sklaroff said.

Supporters of Palestine at UPenn believe the school is minimizing their efforts, so they've started a coalition called "Freedom School of Palestine." The group, according to a student who did not want to be identified, is designed to be a "platform where we can elevate Palestinian voices."

FOX 29 reached out to UPenn about Tuesday's demonstration and the school reiterated its past remarks about supporting "the exchange of ideas" on campus.