Unlawful assembly declared after deadly crash scene in South LA turns chaotic

An unlawful assembly was declared Sunday night after authorities say a "combative'' crowd of 150-200 people gathered at the scene of a crash that killed three people in South L.A.

Video Transcript

BRANDI HITT: And we have more breaking news now this morning. This time in South LA, where three people have been killed in a violent crash. Let's go to Eyewitness News reporter, Rachel Brown. She's live at that scene with more on all of this. Rachel.

RACHEL BROWN: Hi, Brandi. Yeah, it was a truly terrible crash, and a lot of families are grieving this morning. As you said, three lives were lost in this crash. And I want you to take a look at all of the damage behind me from the impact of that crash. Police say, a car was going too fast when it crashed into this Wells Fargo Bank. And you see the siding of the bank heavily damaged there.

There's debris from the crash still out here on the sidewalk, and the glass window shattered on impact. The crash happened late last night around 11:00 o'clock, and police say, four people were in a car driving at high speeds in South LA. The driver lost control and went careening into two parked cars and the bank. Again, three people killed in that crash. One person did survive.

A large crowd of people gathered at the scene following and the situation grew chaotic and unruly. Police say, they were forced to declare an unlawful assembly. Here's what police told us about the crash.

- We had a high speed vehicle traveling eastbound here in Florence. For unknown reasons, the vehicle lost control, collided with two parked vehicles, and then with this building behind us here. Street racing is not suspected at this time.

RACHEL BROWN: The families of those three victims were told. They have been notified about this crash. And this morning, we've been here for about two hours now, two and 1/2 hours, and we're seeing people who appear to be friends and family coming by just in total shock over the events of last night.