Unlock Your #BestMeEver With Myke Celis, Global Master Coach

Is there any other way to live than as your #BestMeEver? I didn't think so. Well, that hashtag didn't just pop out of my head. It is the making of a brilliant mind; one who knows just the right things to say. Myke Celis is a renowned Global Master Coach and Life Teacher, certified by several renowned global bodies, including the Life Coach Training Institute (USA) and Coachology (Thailand).

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Myke derives joy and fulfilment in mentoring; a task he has engaged in for many years. Most times, it's just about building up friends, colleagues and staff and telling them they are amazing and can do anything they put their hearts to. Other times, it is teaching and mentoring thousands around the world. But it is his #BestMeEver series that has really put him on the pedestal from which he now inspires the world.

About #BestMeEver

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In 2015, Myke Celis came up with the hashtag #BestMeEver in a bid to make people realize that the only way to live the life they want and deserve is to anchor it in authenticity and integrity by attaining their own #BestMeEver. Prior to this time, he had taken advantage of the power of social media, especially Facebook, to continually engage with friends and followers. But it used to be called #bestyearever. At the time, Celis posted about the lessons he learnt during his lowest points in life for others to draw wisdom, strength and life-long lessons. Unlike the average man out there, he refused to rant but focused his energies towards getting better.

That daily engagement with friends and followers on social media soon metamorphosed into a life-changing decision. By December 31, 2014, he had a moment of soul-searching. He knew he could not continue with #bestyearever and decided to go with #BestMeEver. He explains that the change was inspired by a realization that his journey wasn't really about what happened to him, the timeline, situation or people he encountered, but about the choices he made daily.

That decision also inspired him to help people globally realize that they can heal from their past, grow in their current space and be the best version of themselves. As a program, it has grown over the years, and is today a global brand, committed to reaching millions around the world. It has grown beyond just a hashtag to a global coaching platform which has also gone on to become an international best-selling book series and TEDx Talk series.

On the website, #BestMeEver is described as "a life coaching program that focuses on helping people overcome limiting beliefs, achieve self leadership and desired goals as they journey to become their best". Thousands across the world have benefitted immensely from this program, finding their path and knowing just how to walk that path. All Myke requires from you is the right attitude.

One notable thing about Myke is that he walks the talk. He delivers consistently the desired results of his clients and goes beyond his call of duty when needed. For him, it’s all about giving his best always to each and every client he has, believing that they are his success stories. It's no wonder why he's garnered so much influence and popularity over the years. His numerous testimonials from people all over the world he has coached speaks volumes of his impact.

The #BestMeEver program is now a trusted help for numerous top executives and celebrities from all around the world. Leaders in their own sphere of influence who are looking to become the best they can be in everything they do. If you're any of these and looking to take your life to that level of being the best you can be, Myke Celis is your plug. This is his life's work and he gets results.

Myke Celis is a Global Master Life Coach and a Neuro-linguistic Programming Master Coach who is also certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). As his way of giving back and continuously inspiring people globally, the good thing about Myke is that he shares his teachings willingly. You don't even have to pay a dime to enjoy his insights, wisdom and knowledge. His teachings are available on the #BestMeEver Facebook page for anyone who simply follows.

There are a few lessons we can all take from #BestMeEver teachings, as given by Myke. They include;

  • Becoming Your #BestMeEver has no specific timeline; the key is to go at your own pace, discovering yourself one day at a time.

  • Your #BestMeEver is your business and yours alone; no one else should dictate how you go about it or what you do with it.

  • Never compromise positivity and integrity; those two things will take you further in life than you can imagine.

  • Define what success means to you and accept it; there is no standard for it, neither should someone else be a yardstick for measuring your success.

  • There's at least one thing you can be grateful for each day; don't settle for less.

  • There's always a choice; do what truly makes you happy. Seek to fulfil your own completeness and joy everyday of your life.

So if you're at that point in your life where you need to make drastic decisions; feeling down and out about the situation of things, or you just need that push to go out and "do it", you can take a cue from Myke's daily dose and become your #BestMeEver.