Unnerving video shows moment boaters almost fall off edge of Texas dam

 Austin-Travis County EMS responded to the situation and helped successfully rescue boaters (Austin-Travis County EMS)
Austin-Travis County EMS responded to the situation and helped successfully rescue boaters (Austin-Travis County EMS)

Unsettling footage has shown how a group of boaters in Texas came dangerously close to a perilous fate after their boat nearly tipped over a dam near Austin.

Austin-Travis County EMS (ATCEMS) revealed the perilous situation on Twitter as it unfolded on Thursday after callers reported that the vessel “looks like it’s going to go over the dam".

The emergency team reported that the boat was in fact “partially” hanging over the top of the dam, as life vests were also lowered down to the four people in the boat.

Pictures from the scene showed four people in the boat looking on nervously as the raft teetered on the edge of the rushing stream with a drop below.

Another boat can be seen with a rope attached to the vessel to stop it from falling.

“Here is a look at the scene of the earlier rescue from #ATCEMS District Command 6,” the emergency service department posted alongside a photo and short video of the situation.

Less than half an hour after the first update was posted, ATCEMS confirmed that the boat had been rescued after the Austin Police Department managed to pull it into open water.

“No further updates planned unless conditions change. No further information is available," ATCEMS wrote.

Police told Fox 7 that four women were aboard the electric boat and that the barge became overwhelmed by a current and couldn’t escape.

Officer Brad Smith with the Austin Police Department told the broadcaster that the boaters “approached the dam, weren’t paying attention, they were talking to each other.”

James Cane of Retro Boat Rentals in Austin oversaw the unfolding fiasco and tied a rope to the women’s vessel to prevent it from tipping over the edge until emergency crews arrived, Fox 7 said.

"Props to him for helping out with that," Mr Smith noted.

No injuries were reported.

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