'Unraveled' parishioners create work of art

Sep. 23—GREENSBURG — For the past several weeks, members of The Church on the Square (First Presbyterian) have studied the theme "Unraveled," which seems to represent the feelings of many people since the pandemic began.

Each week the worshipers were given a length of fabric and asked to "tie a knot" for various subjects; e.g. "tie a knot for each time something cost more than you thought it was going to," or "for the injustices you have observed in the world," or "tie a knot to represent how the recent changes have impacted your life."

Each week songs about unity, peace, and togetherness were featured during the service.

On September 18, Rally Day, the tapestry woven from those pieces of fabric was revealed. This beautiful art made from those pieces of fabric created by folks who felt "unraveled" has become a part of the worship service.

The tapestry is displayed on the pulpit and the public is invited to come and see it. — Information provided