Unvaccinated players no longer need masks while practicing

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The NFL has updated its COVID-19 protocols.

Barry Wilner of the Associated Press reports unvaccinated players no longer have to wear masks during outdoor practices. The memo from the NFL Management Council to the 32 clubs states that beginning with stretching through the end of practice, unvaccinated players can work unmasked. As soon as practice ends, though, they must don a mask.

The same rule will apply for practices held indoors.

Unvaccinated players not participating in practice still are required to wear masks. Unvaccinated players also must wear face coverings during walkthroughs, in the weight room even if it is outdoors, at all outdoor meetings and during the post-practice periods even when families are allowed on the field.

Families — which the league is terming “cohabitants” — now can join players on the field. Outdoor social events are permitted at the facility, with some restrictions.

For teams with fewer than 90 percent of their players vaccinated, visitors must produce proof of vaccination. Children under 12 are allowed on the field or for such social events. However, unvaccinated players, staff and children under 12 must wear masks and practice social distancing.

For teams with more than 90 percent of their players vaccinated, visitors have no requirements for proof of vaccination. The same restrictions apply to those who are not vaccinated.

Unvaccinated players can remove their masks for outdoor media interviews provided physical distance is maintained.

Players experiencing side effects within 48 hours of a vaccination will receive contractual protection. It will be deemed a football-related injury as long as the team physician “reasonably determines [symptoms] are casually related” to the shot.

Unvaccinated players no longer need masks while practicing originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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