Unvaccinated Students At Exeter, NH Prom Marked For Contact Tracing

A prom at Exeter High School in New Hampshire required students who were not vaccinated against COVID-19 to be marked on their hands with a marker at the dance.

Video Transcript

- Tonight, some parents in New Hampshire are upset about how their unvaccinated kids were treated at the prom. Students who haven't had the shot were marked on their hands with a Sharpie. Now the school says it was for contact tracing. WBZ's Mike LaCrosse is live in Exeter tonight with the story, Mike.

- David, parents are very upset but they're worried to speak out, so they're voicing their concerns through a local state representative.

- They were horrified to be perfectly honest with you.

- Parents of Exeter High School students are upset with how the school did contact tracing during the senior prom.

- They want their voices to be heard and they're afraid to speak out. You see that.

- State representative Melissa Litchfield says parents started reaching out to her last weekend following the prom which was held Friday night outside under a tent at the high school. The school district says students who were not fully vaccinated or unable to show a vaccine card had a number written on their hand. Representative Litchfield shared these photos sent to her from parents.

- I just think that in this day and age, it probably wasn't the best choice of how to handle things simply because it's a matter of show your papers. And if you don't produce your papers, we're going to brand you.

- Every few songs, the students were asked to raise their hands so it could be determined who they were dancing around. The district says this was all part of its contact tracing system. Exeter High School principal Mike Monahan reports students and parents feedback has been positive.

He says, "we hope the community will understand that while no model is perfect. This model let the students enjoy a close to normal and highly desired experience to cap off their senior year. That's the memory we want to leave them with."

- Think again. They could have done the math. They could have thought of an alternative.

- Word of the district's contact tracing system is the talk around the small New Hampshire town.

- You should know that you're vaccinated but maybe they could have found a better way to do it.

- And at this point, the district says there have been no reports of any COVID cases from last week's prom. Reporting live in Exeter tonight, I'm Mike LaCrosse.