Updating the Detroit Lions draft slots after Week 12

Another NFL weekend provided some more movement near the top of the 2023 NFL draft slotting. The Detroit Lions saw each of their first-round draft slots get better in Week 12.

The Lions lost to the Bills, 28-25. Their own pick did not move much, however. It sits at No. 13 overall, sandwiched between the Steelers and Colts–who played Monday night.

The Los Angeles Rams continue to lose, and that makes what would be Detroit’s first pick even better. The Rams now hold the No. 3 overall slot. That pick, of course, belongs to Detroit after the Matthew Stafford/Jared Goff trade in 2021.

In the second round, Detroit holds two picks as well. The Lions’ own pick sits at No. 44, while the selection acquired from the Vikings in the T.J. Hockenson trade is 62nd. Keep in mind the Dolphins lost their first-round pick for tampering with Tom Brady, so those picks will actually come one slot earlier.


Story originally appeared on Lions Wire