Upper Darby Mom Pleads For Safe Return Of Missing Pregnant Daughter Dianna Brice

Alecia Reid reports.

Video Transcript

- And the search continues, this morning, for a missing couple. Dianna Brice and her boyfriend, Justin Smith, were last seen in his car, which someone found on fire. Eyewitness News reporter Alecia Reid has the latest developments.

ALECIA REID: Dianna Brice's family is extremely concerned. They've been searching for her since Tuesday, saying not only is she pregnant, she also has a four-year-old son at home that she's never gone a day without seeing. The vehicle Dianna Brice was last seen in ended up here.

TIMOTHY BERNHARDT: Investigators have looked through hours worth of video footage.

ALECIA REID: Late Tuesday morning, Dianna went to K Laundry in Landsdown with her mom, who noticed the 21-year-old was visibly upset.

BETTY CELLINI: She was so upset. She was crying. I kept asking her what was wrong. She said, nothing, Mom.

ALECIA REID: By 1:00 PM, her boyfriend, Justin Smith, met up with her to pick up her medication. Dianna said she'd head straight home but never showed up. She also wasn't answering her phone. That's when Betty called Justin, who claimed they got into an argument and Dianna got out of the car.

BETTY CELLINI: What kind of man does that to your girlfriend that she's carrying your child? I said, what kind of [BLEEP] you on?

ALECIA REID: The 23-year-old then allegedly went looking for his girlfriend but couldn't find her. Worried, Betty threatened to file a missing persons report.

BETTY CELLINI: And he was like, oh my god, no! You better call me first! And I said, what? And the phone went dead. And then here came the accident that his car was on fire.

ALECIA REID: The 2018 black Ford Fusion ended up on the corner of 59th and Florence.

- I ran out. I opened the back door to see if somebody was in there. Wasn't nobody in there. Well, you couldn't really tell, because it was already in flames.

ALECIA REID: Family members have been searching frantically as Dianna has a medical condition that requires daily medication. She is also three and 1/2 months pregnant with Justin's child and has never left her four-year-old son alone.

JARED WALKER: There's no history of addiction. There's no history of runaway.

TIMOTHY BERNHARDT: There's nothing else I can ask for. Bring my daughter home.

ALECIA REID: Police say both cell phones have been turned off since Tuesday. Now detectives are working with outside agencies to try and locate both Dianna and Justin. They're also asking for the public's help. If you have any information that can help in this case, you're urged to call authorities. Reporting from Upper Darby, Alecia Reid "CBS3 Eyewitness News."