Upper Manhattan COVID-19 Rates Tick Down: No Longer Top ZIP Code

Gus Saltonstall

UPPER MANHATTAN, NY — Inwood and Washington Heights no longer have the ZIP code with the highest COVID-19 positive rate in Manhattan.

While the two Upper Manhattan neighborhoods' positive rates remain high, all four ZIP codes in the area have seen their COVID-19 rates drop, according to the most recent data from the city.

In the first bit of significant news, ten days after the 10033 and 10034 ZIP codes both posted seven-day averages over 10 percent, the two ZIP codes have fallen back under the double-digit mark.

Additionally, Upper Manhattan can no longer claim the ZIP code with the highest COVID-19 positive rate in the borough. The Financial District's 10004 ZIP code has the borough's highest seven-day rate of 10.07 percent, according to city data.

From Dec. 26 to Jan. 1, the positive rate of people getting tested in the 10034 ZIP code was 10.52 percent. Compared to the most recent data, which shows Jan. 4 to Jan. 10, where 9.59 percent of residents in the same ZIP code are showing positive tests.

A downward trajectory is also seen in the 10033 ZIP code, which has gone from a 10.12 percent positive rate to an 8.3 percent positive rate in the same period of time.

Here's the most recent data for all four of the ZIP codes in Upper Manhattan from Jan. 4 to 10th.

  • 10034 (Inwood): 9.59 percent positive, 1,751 people tested, 168 new positives

  • 10040 (Fort George): 8.87 percent positive, 1,861 people tested, 165 new positives

  • 10033 (Washington Heights): 8.3 percent positive, 2,589 people tested, 215 new positives

  • 10032 (Washington Heights): 6.95 percent positive, 3,250 people tested, 226 new positives

Upper Manhattan representative Congressman Adriano Espaillat also announced Thursday he tested positive for the virus. His positive test comes days after he was at the U.S. Capitol when a mob laid siege to the building.

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This article originally appeared on the Washington Heights-Inwood Patch