Upper West Side Woman Celebrates 110th Birthday

Josephine Melecio turned 110 years old Friday. She celebrated with her 86-year-old daughter.

Video Transcript

- What an incredible milestone today for one of New York City's oldest residents. Josephine Melecio turned 110 years old today. She lives independently at home on the Upper West Side. Miss Melecio celebrated the big day alongside her 86-year-old daughter.

SHIRLEY KOEHLER: One of the things she used to love is to travel. She liked to go to different places and dancing. And my dad-- the two of them would just love dancing. Dancing was like number one. Wherever they went, there was always dancing.

- Josephine was born in Puerto Rico and came to New York City as a young woman. She worked first in a factory, manufacturing designer shoes and handbags. She later worked at a Queens nursing home and did not retire until she was in her 90s. Happy, happy birthday.