‘So upset’: Love Island fans criticise meet the parents episode after major change

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Love Island viewers have expressed their disappointment during the “meet the parents” episode, as Islanders and guests have been restricted from physical contact.

On Sunday night’s (31 July) episode, parents and family members of the contestants entered the villa for a brief reunion.

In previous years, this moment of the show’s process has marked a major moment for the Islanders, as it is the first time in weeks that they’ve been able to contact each other.

Often, it is an emotional event, with family and contestants alike getting emotional and crying.

Since the Covid pandemic, Islanders have not been able to hug their visitors due to risks of infection.

Although restrictions have ended in the UK and in other countries, the limitations have remained in place for this year’s “meet the parents” event, meaning that the Islanders and family cannot touch each other.

Fans of the show have expressed confusion and disappointment at the changes.

Tasha and villa parents - Love Island (ITV)
Tasha and villa parents - Love Island (ITV)

“Sorry, what, the parents can come into the villa but not hug their children? WHAT’S THE F***ING POINT?” asked one outraged viewer.

Another person commented: “Just been on a plane with 100+ people but they won’t let them hug!!! Seriously!!”

“This social distancing is not making sense at all,” remarked another.

Elsewhere, some viewers found the lack of physical contact upsetting.

“The fact that they can't even hug makes me so upset wtf?” one person tweeted.

Love Island concludes on Monday at 9pm on ITV2.