Some Uptown Businesses Looted, Vandalized After Winston Smith Shooting

Some businesses were cleaning up on Friday morning following unrest after Thursday’s law enforcement shooting of Winston Smith (2:01) WCCO 4 News At 5 - June 4, 2021

Video Transcript

- Meanwhile today, some business owners were cleaning up following the unrest after yesterday's shooting.

- Police arrested nine people who face charges ranging from rioting, assault, arson, and damage to property. Here's video of a dumpster that was lit on fire on Lake Street. Some businesses were looted and vandalized. John Lauritsen talked with a property manager about his damage.

JEFF COLE: I'm kind of at a loss.

JOHN LAURITSEN: Jeff Cole is a property manager for this building in Lake Street and Emerson Avenue. It's a couple of blocks from where the shooting took place Thursday afternoon. On Friday morning, he arrived to what's become an all too familiar sight.

JEFF COLE: It's really tiresome. Yeah. I mean, we've been through this maybe the sixth time now, since May 27 of last year.

JOHN LAURITSEN: There are about a dozen businesses in Cole's building. Looters busted out windows at an Indian restaurant and at a T-Mobile store.

JEFF COLE: We respond, you know, next day it's clean up, boarded up. Just kind of regroup, get people to settle down the best we can.

JOHN LAURITSEN: An employee at a nearby business took cell phone video of people running through the street. Some of them were smashing windows with bricks, and vandalizing property.

The owner of Hennepin Lake Liquor told us he watched on his security cameras as a crowd gathered outside his store. They broke a window before police arrived and made arrests.

The owner told us his business sustained more than a million dollars in damages during riots last year. He since added security measures to protect his building.

MARY AHO: I think what concerns me the most is just the rush to judgment, that you know, it happens immediately without any kind of knowing what's going on.

JOHN LAURITSEN: Mary Aho lives near Lake Street, though the looting wasn't to the level it was last year, she's sad for business owners who are going through it again.

MARY AHO: It's going to make people wary of staying here as business people, and living here, and people are going to want to leave and not bother with it anymore.

JOHN LAURITSEN: In Minneapolis, John Lauritsen, WCCO 4 News.

- Police did not use tear gas or rubber bullets while dispersing crowds and making arrests. Governor Tim Walz says that he has no plans to deploy the National Guard at this time.