Upward-Biting Iguana Ruins Yoga Instructor's Zen Beach Pose

A yoga practitioner’s routine on a beach in Exuma, in The Bahamas, was upstaged when she was bitten by an iguana that had been sharing the beach with her.

Mykah Smith was on a trip on the Exuma Island and decided to make a video on the beach on August 20. She set up her camera and did a few yoga poses. As she stretched her hand out as part of one of the poses, a nearby iguana spotted its chance, jumping and biting her fingers.

“Oh my f***ing god. You son of a b****. He bit my f***ing finger!” Smith screams, throwing sand at the offending iguana.

Smith told Storyful that she washed the blood away in the ocean after the bite and that her doctor said she was okay. Credit: Mykah Smith via Storyful