Urban Decay launches new Naked palette for every kind of beauty buff

Urban Decay shocked the beauty industry last August when it killed off its signature ‘Naked Palette', but it seems that something akin to a resurrection is underway.

The cruelty-free makeup brand has announced that it is adding ‘Naked Reloaded', a 12-pan palette of nude and neutral eyeshadows with shimmery and matte finishes, to its 'Naked' collection, as reported by HelloGiggles. According to the label, the inclusive palette has been designed "with every age, skin tone and gender in mind."

"So... I know your taste in your go-to shades have changed (so have mine) so we decided to give Naked a major glo-up," the brand explained to its 10 million Instagram followers, introducing the new palette, which launches on February 18 in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Mexico.

The original ‘Naked' palette, which had achieved cult status among beauty buffs and sold more than 30 million units globally since 2010, was discontinued by Urban Decay for reasons unknown. Celebrities such as Urban Decay ambassador Nicole Richie and influencers Kandee Johnson and Shayla Mitchell even attended a ‘funeral' for the product in California. "Saying goodbye to Naked is extremely bittersweet," said Urban Decay founding partner Wende Zomnir at the time. "It was a big moment in our history. It's a little painful to leave your past behind, but it's also essential to always evolve. I will forever miss Naked, but we plan to turn the grief into even more greatness."