New Urgent Care Facility Opens In Wilkinsburg

Allied Community Health Services is a new urgent care facility in Wilkinsburg that opened this weekend with a focus on helping those most in need. KDKA's Lindsay Ward has the story.

Video Transcript

- A new urgent care clinic opened its doors in Wilkinsburg today. Lindsay Ward tells us the clinic will provide care for low-income families in an under-served community.

LINDSAY WARD: About six months after the pandemic began, doctors say they started noticing a trend.

WILLIAM SIMMONS: The statistics show that the life expectancy of African-American males have dropped three years.

LINDSAY WARD: Dr. William Simmons is the new Medical Director at the Allied Community Health Center on Penn Avenue. He said with emergency rooms filling up because of the virus, many don't feel comfortable walking into a hospital to be checked out for other health reasons. And now that we're living in a world that is more virtual, some are feeling left behind.

WILLIAM SIMMONS: They don't either have internet connections, or they don't have the ability to maneuver or to negotiate a Zoom type of interview for their medical concerns.

CECIA POWELL: I came up with this idea about two years ago. I started as a traveling-- though I'm traveling, testing DNA.

LINDSAY WARD: Cecia Powell is the co-owner of the center. She tells KDKA, after meeting with Dr. Simmons, they discovered a health facility was needed to help those in Wilkinsburg and surrounding communities. This one will be federally qualified.

CECIA POWELL: Right now, we are having our grand opening today for our urgent care and laboratory services, as well as some critical care and some convenient care.

LINDSAY WARD: They also plan to offer dental and mental health services. And they're already growing. They look to open up another center in Penn Hills in April. Lindsay Ward, KDKA News.