WHO urges virus unity after Trump attack

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    Dash Riprock
    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the World Health Organization, was accused in 2017 of downplaying cholera epidemics that hit Ethiopia and Sudan.
    A group of American doctors wrote that Tedros was “fully complicit in the terrible suffering and dying” that stemmed from a cholera outbreak in Sudan.
    Before that, Tedros faced allegations that he refused to investigate three cholera outbreaks when he served as Ethiopia’s health minister.
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    Clear from the early days of the Covid 19 epidemic, turned public health emergency, and finally Pandemic classification - was WHO tripping over itself to commend Chinese authorities. Then they waited three, repeat, three months before calling this a Pandemic, even though there was sustained community systematic spread on 4 continents long before the final declaration. And then there is the issue of face-masks - telling the public they where in fact robbing health care workers of critical protective material. All the while, we have know for three months, that most people had non or mild symptoms - and yet where still infectious: capable of passing this on from person to person. And that the incubation range (of up to 14 days) meant all Covid-19 infections were communicable for that period. WHO will be held culpable for the spread of the virus - and the deaths of thousands.
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    I watched on BBC news 2 weeks ago a Taiwanese reporter ask one of the heads of the WHO questions referring to Taiwan and Chinas handling of the coronavirus the WHO representative actually started messing with his internet connection and you could see the guy doing this so when asked a question he would lean over and start messing with the cable connection to his computer so the signal would cut out. So the reporter asks a question the guy does not like he leans over and starts messing with the cable and he acts like he has a bad connection and cannot hear her questions let alone that he answered her questions. So when he would stop messing with the cable she would say what about the question I just asked you that you did not answer and he got angry and said I answered all of your questions and I do not need to answer again.
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    Tedros is a professional bureaucrat not a medical doctor. Personally, any job dealing with human health should require a candidate to have a medical doctorate degree as well as experience in treating actual patients. I highly question any “official” for a health organization that only has a doctorate in organization and no hands-on experience or medical knowledge to back it up.
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    Not a Trump's fan but I do agree with him on this. WHO is doing the bidding for China and forgot the rest of the World.
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    Human Lab Rat
    Japan, Taiwan, and other countries have echoed the same sentiments as Trump.
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    If this guy had an ounce of respect he would resign right now...and so for the rest of the WHO board.
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    China wants folk like Tedros around the world and UN so PRC can easily dictate their agenda. I support President Trump suspends all funding to WHO
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    Tedros covers for China. China helped him get his position at the WHO.
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    To be honest I am at a loss to find something meaningful the WHO provides that makes our investment worthwhile..