Uri Geller performs spoon trick during vaccination

"I did it!" Geller, 74, said after the spoon broke in his hand while the needle went into the other arm, to applause from onlookers.

Israel launched its vaccination campaign on Dec. 19 and hopes to have administered first and booster shots to the most vulnerable and elderly by late January.

Video Transcript

URI GELLER: OK, here I am with Saraj, who is going to give me the injection-- the vaccination-- which I tell everyone around the world to do. I'm going to bend this spoon while I do it. I've never, ever done this ever in my life, so let's see if it works. Saraj, go ahead.

Yes, Saraj.

So let's go now. Go.


I did it.

It didn't hurt at all. It's a little prick, but it's very, very important. I'm 75 years old now-- sorry, 74. For you guys over 60, I urge you, I urge you to go and get vaccinated. This is very, very important for the whole planet.