Uri Geller unveils anti-Brexit plan and claims to have made Theresa May PM using Winston Churchill's spoon

Katie Archer

Uri Geller has revealed plans to bend Theresa May’s mind into cancelling Brexit, claiming he made her Prime Minister with the help of Winston Churchill’s old spoon.

The illusionist and self-proclaimed psychic has taken the events surrounding Brexit to a whole new level of bizarre by offering to use telepathy to call a halt to it, and told Good Morning Britain that he had previously used a spoon owned by Winston Churchill to predict that May would become Prime Minister.

Presenter Piers Morgan said: “You thought Brexit couldn’t get any madder – it just did.”

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Geller has been peddling plans to unite the UK in a mind control exercise that would bring about a second referendum, but also made his startling claims about being responsible for May’s power in his GMB appearance.

He said: “I’ve known Theresa May for over 21 years, I lived in the same village as she still does. She visited my home, I took her to my garage, I pointed at a spoon that belonged to Winston Churchill – this is three years before she became Prime Minister.

“I bombarded her mind. I said you are going to be the Prime Minister. She laughed, she didn’t believe me, and she is.”

For anyone who wants to give Geller’s plan a whirl, this is how to do it.

He instructed: “This is my plan, listen carefully. People at the protest were holding posters saying ‘Uri Geller save us’. I’m not a guru and I’m not a miracle worker, but I believe with the power of the mind, if we concentrate, no matter how bizarre this sounds, how far out and science fiction…

“If we concentrate, together we meet 11 11, am and pm, just think the following: Theresa, bring us to a second vote. Go for a second referendum.”

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Many people may understandably feel unconvinced by Geller’s powers, but he read from a CIA document that noted he had demonstrated paranormal perceptive abilities in a convincing manner.

He said: “I know very well that there are a lot of sceptics out there who don’t believe in my powers. Take a moment to read from the CIA’s manual.”

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However, some viewers questioned his telepathic powers when they noticed a reflection of someone holding up card prompts to remind him of his plan.

Morgan asked whether Geller felt his reputation would be trashed if his anti-Brexit plan didn’t work, but the psychic said it was a risk he was willing to take.

He said: “As I said I’m not a miracle worker. Maybe I’m doing this too late. I’m just a human being, I’m doing my best to make this work.

“It doesn’t look good for me (if it doesn’t work), of course – all my life is a gamble, but hey, I have the power, I believe in you people in the UK, let’s do this, we don’t have much time.”