Uros Medic speaks with MMA Junkie’s Nolan King

MMA Junkie's Nolan King spoke with UFC 259's Uros Medic.

Video Transcript

NOLAN KING: All right, Uros, we got your first UFC fight week. You're sitting at the fighter hotel. Has it sunk in yet? Does it feel real?

UROS MEDIC: Yeah, it feels totally real. It feels normal to me. I don't feel, you know, like this is something wild. It's about similar like the last time. I'm going through the whole process a lot smoother. Things are not very new to me. So, yeah, I'm enjoying. It's-- it's a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun. Thank you for having me here.

NOLAN KING: Yeah, of course, man, I got to have you on, especially after that great performance you had on the contender series. You know, it's been for quite a few months since we've seen you fight. And we talked to you on Fight Night, but looking back on it, I mean, did it-- just break down that performance for me. Did you have any further thoughts on it now that a few months have passed and your UFC debut's upon you?

UROS MEDIC: Well, I mean, it's-- yeah, it's definitely been crazy, but it kind of settled in, and I feel good about it. I feel comfortable with it. It's-- I worked hard for it, and I made it happen. So now I'm ready to, you know, keep moving forward. I had some ups and downs through-- through-- through these few months, but we've got over all of that, and we're here. We're ready to make it happen. And hopefully in future, I'll be on here a lot more often.

NOLAN KING: Yeah, for sure, man. And, you know, I don't want to make a bad pun here, but you did kick off that season with quite a bang. And you had a great interview afterwards. You were fired up. You kind of said, hey, you know, I'm ready to turn around quick. I'm ready if Dana needs me.

But then it's been a few months since we've seen you, so I guess why not the quick turnaround? Were you just kind of healing up? Was it opportunities that didn't come up? Why has it been so long since we've seen you?

UROS MEDIC: Yeah, it's actually there's been a whole lot that happened. I had a camp move down to California. I'm still with some of my coaches from Alaska, but there's been a change of, you know, moving through the states. And then I had a couple of injuries that I needed to take care of. And then in general, you know, it's just-- the timing is like, I would have to move.

And then I was like, all right, I'm getting ready to fight, and then I injure myself. Then, you know, take a month off here and there because of the injuries. And there's been good opportunities, it's just that unfortunately I couldn't make it and-- because of the injuries and everything that's been happening. I've had some immigration stuff that I had to handle, so then I had to fly back to Alaska from California, talk to my attorney, and do stuff there, fill out some paperwork.

So yeah, there's been a whole lot that happened and kind of a bad-- bad timing, but it's all good now. You know, it's all behind me, and I'm ready to fight, so--

NOLAN KING: Yeah, absolutely. And you talk about the move down from Alaska to California. I saw a picture of you at King's. I saw one of you at Gracie Barra. So where are you-- where are you doing your camp now? Is is you're kind of moving around to different gyms, or do you have one that you're centrally located at?

UROS MEDIC: So I'm-- I'm with King's MMA right now, and they've been amazing. I've been training a lot with Marvin Vettori and Beneil Dariush, Giga Chikadze, Kelvin Gastelum, and all the other guys at King's. And master Cordeiro is definitely taking my game to another level.

I've been working with Dr. Mateo. He's here with me in the Fight Week, and everything has been going very well. I'm very excited to-- to be showcasing what, you know, have changed in these past few months. And I'm very thankful for-- for-- for UFC being, you know, understanding and patient with me to, you know, move my stuff and get ready for a fight and all that. So I'll definitely have to make it up for-- for-- for all of that.

NOLAN KING: No doubt, man. And why King's? I mean, did you have a connection there? Obviously they're a great gym. They're pretty renowned, so it's definitely a good choice. But why did you choose them with all the gyms that are in the States and in the world?

UROS MEDIC: Well, as I said, I work with Dr. Mateo. He's my nutritionist, and I really like the way King's has been around for a long time and have-- Master Cordeiro have made a lot of champions. I really like the, you know, just their work ethic. And I know there's a lot of good gyms. I don't really think you can go wrong as far as going to one of those bigger gyms, like King's or even bigger than King's.

But I just-- some-- it just felt right, you know. I just followed my gut. And for all the reasons, you know, being in California. I never got to live in mainland of United States. I spent most of the time in Alaska, so just going to visit there and training for a couple of weeks, I realized, like, OK, this is where I feel right.

I also went to Miami and see, you know, my manager, see some gyms there and whatnot. But I definitely felt comfortable and felt right being in King's MMA.

NOLAN KING: Yeah, and I'm sure you're evolving, so this might not be a totally fair question, but the last fight when we saw you, do feel like that's a pretty accurate representation of your game? Or do you feel like with how quick it was, there's still, you know, so much more that we haven't seen yet?

I've seen some podcasts breaking down the fight for this weekend. And they say, oh, wait till somebody tries to shoot up for-- you know, on a takedown for-- against him, like all this stuff that we didn't get to see in that last fight. So do you feel like you have a lot of tools in the toolbox people haven't seen?

UROS MEDIC: Yeah. There's a lot. I mean, I only went to the second round once, so there's a lot I-- you know, depending on the fighter I fight, my game levels are different, you know? So this is something you guys will be able to see. You know, as somebody brings more heat, I return with a lot more heat as well.

So depending on, you know, what my opponent brings to the table. I have answers, and I think a lot of the people will be surprised.

NOLAN KING: Aalon Cruz, what do you think of him as an opponent? Do you like this match-up?

UROS MEDIC: I like the match-up. I like any match-up. I mean, we're here to fight. This is our job. I think it's going to be a fun fight. I haven't been thinking too much about-- about it, you know, living in the moment and training and getting ready. When the time comes, I think the thinking is going to be done in the cage. And those split seconds, you know, when you react is where all the thinking is done, you know. We have-- we've, of course, done some homework, but all of that is going to wait for the Fight Night.

NOLAN KING: Last question, man. Let's-- let's leave it off on this. This is kind of your-- you know, it's your inaugural UFC performance. It's your debut. But it's also the first year you've been able to fight really on a main stage. So what do you think 2021 is going to hold for you? Do you have any goals, any-- any things that you're setting out to accomplish this year?

UROS MEDIC: Yeah. My main goal is I'd like to fight more often, and then I'd like to see my family. And that's kind of all I've been focusing on right now, just being a full-time athlete and then eventually going to see my family in my home country. And-- and I'll be happy, you know?

I don't need a whole lot. I don't ask for a lot. So as long as I get to train hard and fight often, I will be very happy.

NOLAN KING: Awesome, Uros. Well, I appreciate the time, man, and good luck in the debut. Exciting times.

UROS MEDIC: Hey, thank you so much. We'll see you soon.