US 25 Yard Sale sees low visitation despite 10 year anniversary

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Jun. 10—On June 3 through 5, The US 25 and Boone Way Yard Sale celebrated ten years of hosting numerous vendors across nearly 200 miles to sell personal belongs.

Randy Coffey, volunteer and organizer of the event, said despite the anniversary, the attendance for this year's event was lower than average.

According to Coffey, the reason for organizing the event is not just to help people sell their unwanted items, but to redirect people to drive through small towns rather than the interstate.

"This is a labor of love," he said. "This is my way of giving back to my community."

According to Coffey, if people drive through the towns, they may see an abandoned building they would like to use to host their business.

"After ten years, we are just starting to hear success stories," he said.

In previous years, the traffic was a disadvantage to the event, as people would slow down and stop to look at the vendors' merchandise. According to Coffey, Berea held the most congestion. However, the low traffic this year hinted at low visitation.

COVID-19 contributed to the lack of buyers in the yard sale.

According to Coffey, the demographic for the event is middle-aged and elderly women, who turn their attention towards more family-oriented events as government restrictions lift.

"[Our demographic] is the first to drop what they want to do during the summer," Coffey said.

Additionally, rain closed the event on Thursday.

Coffey said the low visitation rates did not impact the vendors, and deemed the yard sale a success.

"Every vendor I spoke with sold all their stuff," he said.

This is not the first time that COVID-19 impacted this event.

Last year, Coffey rescheduled the event to the first weekend in October to remain safe. Another yard sale event was born from this rescheduling: the Boone Way Yard Sale. This event is only on the first Friday and Saturday of October.

Two volunteers, Facebook, and some phones made the US 25 and Boone Way Yard Sale a success this year, Coffeey said.

Another critical aspect is in-kind promotion.

"Without that, this event wouldn't happen," Coffey said.

Coffey said is looking forward to October's Boone Way Yard Sale and is hopeful for more success.

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