US-59 shut down this weekend to tear down Galleria-area ramp

You might notice some major Galleria-area traffic this weekend, but good news, the brand new West Loop flyover ramp is now open!

Video Transcript

- And I also want to draw your attention to the same area, where we have a new ramp opening today. This is the 610 West Loop northbound ramp to 59 going southbound. And a heads up about this with that new ramp opening, crews are tearing down the old one this weekend, so expect a lot of construction and a very busy interchange of 59 and 610 near the Galleria.

If you drive around the Galleria area, you probably noticed a giant ramp that popped up over the last couple of months. At 80 feet high, the new 610 southbound ramp to 59 northbound is the tallest flyover in this interchange remodel project and one of the tallest of any of the ramps in the Houston area. It's over a quarter of a football field tall.

TxDOT has been working on building this flyover for months and is expected to be finished by the end of the year. But come 2021, expect to see more ramp construction and more gridlock. TxDOT will shut down a couple of old, heavily traveled ramps in this interchange for four to 12 months at a time. That's because the new ramps will be built in the same footprint as the old ramps. The entire project is still on track to finish early to mid 2024. It's currently 45% complete, according to TxDOT.