US adds seven Iranian companies that help Russia with drones to blacklist

On 31 January, the US Department of Commerce imposed new restrictions on seven Iranian legal entities for producing drones that Russia uses to attack Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda with link to Reuters.

Companies and institutions from Iran were included in the US Export Control List as engaging in activities that are contrary to US national security and foreign policy interests.

Some of the companies on the list are associated with the Iranian regime's military organisation, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Sanctions imposed by the US Department of Commerce stipulate that any suppliers of these organisations must have appropriate licences for the supply of goods and technologies. At the same time, most likely, licences will be issued only for the supply of food and medicine.

Since summer 2022, Russia has been using Iranian-made Shahed drones in Ukraine, which it labels as Geran, its own development. Despite the claims of Kyiv and the West, Iran has repeatedly denied that it is helping the Russian Federation with weapons; however, Tehran admitted that it had handed over drones before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine began.

Since then, the United States and other Western countries have consistently imposed sanctions on Iranian companies and people involved in the production of drones and providing them to Russia.

So, in November 2022, the US's additional sanctions were imposed against individuals and legal entities involved in the production or transfer of Iranian drones to Russia, and in December, these were implemented against Russian institutions because of their involvement in the illegal purchase of drones from Iran and their use in the war in Ukraine.

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