US colleges weigh vaccine mandates for fall

Colleges across the nation are weighing how far they should go in urging students to get COVID-19 vaccines and whether it should be a requirement for next fall. (April 12)

Video Transcript



GLENN COHEN: So there's a lot of complicated questions. I'm very sympathetic to the idea that most university presidents and universities, especially those who are funded by a state, who might not be so keen on mandating vaccines, want to, as much as possible, try to avoid, you know, taking a position as long as they can. But at some point, the clock may run out.

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ARI MEHLMAN: I think everyone should always have a choice, but I think to keep in mind that we protect each other. I think it would be in everyone's best interest to get the vaccine.

MATTHEW ASARE: I think it should be people's choice, but I also do think most people will find it as their, like, responsibility to everyone else in society.

MAWAF ALABDULLAH: I do think, to some degree, it should be mandatory if you want to come in person to lower the risk of any infection.

- We've got all hands on deck. And I think the people of Florida are responding positively. And I think they're responding in ways-- like, there's no need to be fearful. Let's just foc--

GLENN COHEN: Even a private university president in that state may face a lot of political pressure not to, you know, anger the folks in Tallahassee who can make your life pretty difficult.

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