US confirms Ukraine shot down Russian hypersonic missile

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American Patriot air defense systems
American Patriot air defense systems

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The interception of a Kinzhal missile is significant because Moscow has previously touted the hypersonic weapon to be impervious to conventional air defenses.

“I can confirm that they shot down the Russian missile using the Patriot missile defense system...,” said Ryder.

“As you know, this system is part of a wider range of anti-missile defense means that the United States and international community have provided to Ukraine.”

He added that Washington along with its partners, will accelerate the delivery of "ground-based air defense systems and munitions" to Ukraine to help Ukrainian defenders control the airspace and protect the population from Russian air strikes.

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On May 6, the Commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, Mykola Oleschuk, confirmed that a Kinzhal missile was intercepted by Ukraine’s air defenses.

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Ukrainian military-focused news outlet Defense Express was the first to report that the hypersonic missile was shot down over Kyiv on May 4.

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