US Congress Speaker calls for withdrawal of Ukraine aid to avoid government shutdown

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Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, has said that aid for Ukraine should be removed from the temporary spending bill so that the federal government can avoid a shutdown, a temporary suspension of the US federal government.

Source: Kevin McCarthy in an interview with CNN

Details: McCarthy argued on Friday that aid to Ukraine should be dropped from the Senate bill, saying that a "clean" bill "without Ukraine on it" could probably be passed.

"I think if the Senate puts Ukraine on there and focuses on Ukraine over America, I think that could cause real problems," he told CNN.

He stressed that if the Senate passes the bill as it stands, it will likely lead to a shutdown.

CNN reported that McCarthy told reporters he had proposed putting up a "clean" stopgap bill, and said he was "working through maybe to be able to do that."

He claimed that if the Senate continues to include Ukraine spending in its bill, it will not be successful.


  • The US State Department is preparing a plan of action for the event of the government shutdown.

  • Sabrina Singh, US Defense Department Deputy Spokesperson, has said that the likely shutdown of the US government will affect the F-16 training program for Ukrainian pilots and technicians.

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