US congressmen introduce bill to train Ukrainian fighter pilots on F-15, F-16 fighter jets

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F-15 fighter jet
F-15 fighter jet

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"This bill would allow the United States to begin training Ukrainian pilots and air crew members on F-15's, F-16's, and other air platforms while the Administration continues to consider sending such equipment," reads a report posted on Kizinger's official website on June 17.

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According to the congressmen, neither the Ukrainians nor the Russians have established air superiority thus far, the United States can help Ukraine change the situation in the air domain, giving Ukrainian forces a decisive advantage in the war.

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"The Ukrainian military needs our immediate assistance, especially with air assets," said Kinzinger.

It is noted this program will strengthen the Ukrainian military and ensure their long-term stability and security.

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The officials said they remain hopeful that there won't be a need for further escalation, but they both agree that it's critical for the Ukrainian military to be trained and familiar with these air platforms should Russia continue its malign campaign against Ukraine's sovereignty.

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