US Embassy warns of increased threat of missile attacks on Ukraine

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The US Embassy in Ukraine has warned of an increased threat of missile attacks, particularly on the city of Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast.

Source: Press service for the US Embassy in Ukraine

Quote: "In light of the recent uptick in strikes across Ukraine and inflammatory rhetoric from Moscow, the Department of State cautions US citizens of an ongoing heightened threat of missile attacks, including in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast."

Details: The embassy urged US citizens to monitor air raid sirens, respond appropriately to threats and follow the instructions of local authorities.


  • The press service of the Kremlin has claimed that Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles "attempted to launch an attack" on "the Kremlin residence of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia."

  • Serhii Nykyforov, spokesman for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has said that Ukraine had no information about last night’s attack on the Kremlin.

  • On Wednesday 3 April, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the United States could not yet confirm the credibility of reports of a drone attack on the Kremlin.

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