US expands sanctions on Russia’s military and technology sectors

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US imposes new sanctions against Russia
US imposes new sanctions against Russia

The treasury imposed sanctions on 22 individuals and 104 organizations, while the State Department targeted nearly 200 individuals, entities, airplanes, and ships. The White House added 71 companies to the blacklist, prohibiting them from buying U.S. tech products without a license, according to Reuters.

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The updated list includes Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, Russian importers of technology and electronics, research institutes, design bureaus and military factories, mining companies, as well as the 223rd and 224th aviation groups of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

These new U.S. restrictions aim to prevent Russia from obtaining semiconductors and other microelectronics manufactured abroad for its military equipment.

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According to Reuters, U.S. President Joe Biden's administration has suspended the export of a wide range of goods to Russia. The new restrictions will affect goods that may be used by the Russian military, including dryers, snowplows, and other machinery.

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