US House Foreign Affairs Head: Congress ready to 'prioritize' advanced weapons for Ukraine

The U.S. can send more advanced weapon systems for Ukraine, including longer-range missile systems or fighter jets, Michael McCaul, Chairperson of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in an interview with ABC News on Feb. 26

McCaul, a Republican representative from the state of Texas, added that if such moves were approved by President Joe Biden, Congress “would take steps to move the process along.”

“We can certainly write into our appropriations bills, prioritizing weapons systems. We intend to do that,” he said.

According to McCaul, Ukraine can receive enough weapons to win the war with "pressure from Congress on both sides of the aisle,”

He added that following his recent conversation with U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, currently “nothing is off the table” in terms of weapons deliveries to Ukraine. 

“I know the administration says, ‘as long as it takes.’ I think, with the right weapons, it shouldn’t take so long,” McCaul said.

On Feb.13, Politico reported that the U.S. has no plans to provide long-range tactical missile systems and fighter jets to Ukraine because it has few to spare and because senior officials in Biden administration fear Ukraine could hit targets inside Russia.