US leans towards giving Ukraine long-range missiles and cluster bombs — report

HIMARS MLRS, which uses GMLRS missiles

The White House is nearing approval for supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles armed with cluster bombs, Reuters reported on Sept. 11, citing unnamed U.S. officials.

According to three agency sources, the United States, impressed by the effectiveness of the cluster munitions previously supplied to Ukrainian defenders, is considering the transfer of ATACMS ballistic missiles (range up to 300 kilometers) or GMLRS guided munitions (about 70 kilometers) loaded with cluster bombs—or potentially both systems.

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Should any of these systems be approved for transfer, they could be promptly delivered to Ukraine, the report said.

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Two sources stated that U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration “is keen to boost” the Ukrainian military “at a vital moment” when the counteroffensive is finally looks promising on the battlefield.

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However, the decision has not been finalized and may be rescinded—Reuters reminds that the White House has been unable to approve the supply of ATACMS for several months, fearing that their delivery may be viewed as an "overly aggressive move against Russia."

In recent days, several media outlets reported that the United States appears to be moving towards greenlighting the transfer of ATACMS to Ukraine—something Kyiv has been requesting for nearly a year.

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