US military investigating after finding Pornhub video of Navy service members shot through peephole

The Navy is reportedly investigating videos found on the website Pornhub that they believe show unsuspecting service members through a peephole in a bathroom.

The videos were discovered earlier this month by an agent from the Naval Criminal Investigative Series, according to a report by NBC News.

Several reportedly show sailors and Marines in uniform, with visible name patches.

Some civilians also appear to have been captured on camera, officials have said.

Officials were not aware of any sexual acts being caught on the videos, however the footage does reportedly show people changing their clothes.

Pornhub website homepage: Shutterstock / Pe3k
Pornhub website homepage: Shutterstock / Pe3k

It is not clear when the footage was captured, but it appears that some of the individuals were assigned to the USS Emory S Land, which is a vessel that supplies submarines and is assigned to a port in Guam.

As investigators conduct their evaluation, the pornographic website has taken down the clips.

NCIS agents have also begun to notify people who appear to have been in the footage, with legal advocates helping out in that effort.

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