US To Restrict Travel From India As COVID Crisis Becomes Worse

WBZ-TV's Lisa Gresci reports.

Video Transcript

- Experts say in the coming weeks in India, it will be horrible with no end in sight to the crisis. Starting today, the US will restrict travel from India. WBZ's Lisa Gresci shows us how.

LISA GRESCI: This policy coming directly from the White House because of the, quote, "extraordinarily high" number of COVID cases in India right now.

CAREN VAZ: The positivity rate in [INAUDIBLE] right now they're saying is close to 45%. It's almost like it's in the air.

LISA GRESCI: For those with family in India, this is tough to hear. Caren Vaz's entire extended family including her parents and sister working in a hospital inundated with COVID are in India telling her of the lives being lost within days of getting sick like her family's parish priest.

CAREN VAZ: And on Tuesday, he got sick. And on Wednesday, he was admitted in the hospital. On Wednesday evening, he passed away. He was only 48 years old.

LISA GRESCI: The Biden administration made the call Friday, restricting travel from India and recommending all Americans avoid traveling to the country, citing the advice of the CDC, declaring India high risk, highlighting the multiple variants there. According to the presidential proclamation, the restriction also applies to non-immigrants and non-citizens who were in India during the 14 day period prior to attempting to enter the US. The restrictions do not apply to US citizens or permanent residents. For Vaz, she sees this as an extreme warning for us here in the States even if COVID does seem like it's on its way out.

CAREN VAZ: I think we should be cautious about taking things too easy too fast because before you know it, you know, we can be in the middle of something that we don't want.

LISA GRESCI: Again, these new travel restrictions go into effect today. Multiple shipments of supplies from the United States have already made their way to India. Reporting from inside Logan Airport, Lisa Gresci, WBZ News.