US Senate blocks Ukraine, Israel aid bill

A procedural vote on a bill that includes Ukraine aid, funds for Israel, and changes to U.S. border policy failed to get enough votes in the U.S. Senate on Feb. 7.

Senate Republicans voted against the bipartisan border security deal that was part of the $118 billion aid package, which included $60 billion for Ukraine, according to the Hill.

Now, the Senate may take up the so-called Plan B bill, proposed by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, to fund Ukraine and Israel separate from U.S. border funding.

Senators previously warned that despite months of bipartisan negotiations, the border security deal had no chance of passing in the Feb. 7 vote.

The "Plan B" bill would be a "reversal from months of demands by Senate Republicans that any security spending bill must address the record surge of migrants at the US border," but has a "strong chance" of passing the Senate, Bloomberg wrote earlier.

The bill's path in the House of Representatives will be more challenging, given the increasing opposition among Republicans to Ukraine aid.

Since fall 2023, partisan infighting has stalled a supplemental funding bill that includes aid for Ukraine. Republicans have blocked the passing of the bill, insisting that further military aid must include significant changes to U.S. border policy and support for Israel.

Intensified border security measures were integrated into the aid deal in an attempt to expedite the passage of aid for Ukraine. Republicans in the House of Representatives, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, have stated that newly developed provisions are insufficient.

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