US Senate Delegation Meets Zelensky in Kyiv

A US Senate delegation led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell traveled to the Ukrainian capital, where they met with President Volodymyr Zelensky on May 14.

Zelensky posted a video of the delegation, which one report said included Republican Senators John Barrasso (R-WY), Susan Collins (R-ME), and John Cornyn (R-TX), on his Telegram account.

Speaking in English, he greeted the senators and thanked them for traveling to Kyiv. Credit: Volodymyr Zelensky via Storyful

Video Transcript


VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: Hello, nice to meet you. Welcome.


VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: Yes, how are you?

- So good to see you.

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: Nice to meet you.

- Thank you.

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: Thank you so much.


- To see you.

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: How are you? How are you?

- Good. And very happy to see you--

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: You're very welcome.

- --sir. Thank you.

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: We know each other.

- A little bit, yeah.


- Good to see you again.

- How are you?

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY: Yeah, yeah, please. And we invite all the delegation also to join.