US senator calls on Biden administration to transfer ATACMS and cluster munitions to Ukraine as soon as possible

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While visiting Kyiv, Lindsey Graham, US senator from the Republican Party, supported the early provision of long-range ATACMS missiles and cluster munitions to Ukraine, saying that this will bring the end of the war closer.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Interfax-Ukraine, quoting Graham at a briefing.

"The sooner long-range ATACMS missiles and cluster munitions are provided, the more territory they [Ukrainians – ed.] will be able to regain and the fewer lives will be lost," Graham said, adding that these weapons could make "probable success at the front greater, save Ukrainian lives and accelerate the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine."

"Why haven't we provided long-range weapons yet? I intend to inform my fellow senators that it is necessary to encourage the Biden administration to provide ATACMS to the Armed Forces of Ukraine," the senator stressed.

Graham also expressed confidence that the full-scale war in Ukraine will end with Russia’s defeat and an expansion of NATO. "Time is on our side, not on Putin's side. As much as you need," he stressed.

Earlier on Friday, Foreign Policy reported that a group of US Congressmen appealed to President Joe Biden with a request to provide Ukraine with long-range ATACMS missiles after the decision to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets was made.

Earlier, the media reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden explains its reluctance to transfer longer-range ATACMS missiles to the Ukrainian side claiming that if they do, there may be too few of them left in the reserves of the US Army.

At the same time, the UK provided Ukraine with its own Storm Shadow long-range missiles.

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