'This Is Us’ star Chris Sullivan reveals Erin and Ben Napier bought Pearson family car

Jack and Rebecca Pearson's car has found a new home for the second time.

Former "This is Us" star Chris Sullivan revealed that the Pearson family's 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer — well, one of them — has been purchased by HGTV "Home Town" stars Ben and Erin Napier.

Sullivan, who played Kate Pearson's husband (and then ex-husband) Toby on the hit NBC drama, posted a video Monday on Instagram explaining how it all went down.

In the short clip, Sullivan stands with his real wife, Rachel Sullivan, who reminds fans that her husband purchased the Wagoneer from the show's producers after its sixth and final season wrapped earlier this year.

Chris Sullivan then chimes in, saying, "But what you might not have known was that there were actually two family Wagoneers, and guess who bought the other one?"

That's when the camera switches over to the Napiers happily driving in their new Wagoneer.

"What's up, y'all?" Ben Napier asks.

"Hey!" the Sullivans respond.

"Rachel, Chris, thank you for telling us about this Jeep," Napier continues. "If you had not told us that they were selling two — not one Pearson family Jeep but two — "

Chris Sullivan behind the wheel of one of the two Jeep Grand Wagoneers. (@sullivangrams via Instagram)

“‘This Is Us’ doesn’t need this Jeep anymore,” interjects Erin Napier, adding, “So what do we name it now?”

Ben Napier reveals in the clip that he’d like to name the car “Jack” in honor of Milo Ventimiglia’s character on the show.

But, adds his wife, “Rebecca makes sense, too.”

After some back and forth, Chris Sullivan comes up with the perfect solution.

"One of (the cars) is Jack and one of them is Rebecca," he suggests, adding, "So, which is which?"

Fans loved seeing the second Wagoneer going from one favorite TV couple to another.

"My worlds collide!!" wrote one.

"Y’all!! I ❤️ that this has happened," gushed another.

In May, Chris Sullivan opened up to Entertainment Weekly about his decision to take home one of the Wagoneers for his own family.

The actor, who shares a 2-year-old son, Bear, with his wife, said he intended to make the car his "daily driver."

"My wife and I have been talking about that car for a long time," he said, explaining that he's vintage cars enthusiast and the Pearson family Wagoneer "is the only kind of vintage automobile that has ever sparked my wife’s interest."

"She is charmed by the car, so I’m excited to bring it into the family," he said.

At the time, Sullivan said he was trying to buy the second Wagoneer that was kept on the show's set — adding that he planned to do something "fun" with it if he got it.

“If that happens, talk to me again, and I’ll tell you why," he told EW, laughing. “It’s a fun story.”