US will vie for seat at U.N.'s human rights body

State Department Spokesman Ned Price says the U.S. is "stepping back up" in its pursuit of a seat on the United Nation's Human Rights Council. (Feb. 24)

Video Transcript

NED PRICE: The Secretary made an address to the council members today in Geneva to underscore the US determination to reassert its leadership in this body. HRC elections are slated for October of this year with elected members assuming their seats on January 1 of 2022. As the Secretary made clear today, this decision aligns with President Biden's determination to reinvigorate American diplomacy with a foreign policy centered on democracy, human rights, and equality.

When the United States isn't in a leadership role, when we aren't galvanizing collective action, one of two things happens, and neither of them are good for our interests or our values. Either no one steps up and chaos ensues, or potentially worse-- an adversary of ours or a competitor of ours seeks to fill that void. And our interests and our values are worse off because of it.

We are stepping back up. America is back, as the President put it before the Munich Security Council last Friday. And America is back, because we know that when we are at the table, we can shape developments, events, and institutions in a way that we could not when we are absent.