USA Curling Moves HQ To Eagan

The USA curling team will become part of the Viking Lakes Campus in Eagan, Jennifer Mayerle reports (1:49) WCCO 4 News At 5 - April 30, 2021

Video Transcript

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: USA Curling is moving its headquarters out of Wisconsin and into Minnesota.

FRANK VASCELLARO: It'll become part of the Viking Lakes Campus in Eagan. As WCCO's Jennifer Mayerle learned today, the move means big things for the sport.

JENNIFER MAYERLE: Minnesota has become synonymous with curling.

JOHN SHUSTER: Curling in Minnesota, it's funny. Wisconsin used to be like the curling capital of the country. And I think we've kind of tilted that scale in the way of Minnesota over the last decade.

JENNIFER MAYERLE: Olympic gold medalist and native Minnesotan John Shuster thinks that will only continue with the official USA Curling headquarters moving to Eagan.

JOHN SHUSTER: It made a ton of sense. If you want your athletes and your governing body and the people running your organization, if you can get them all in the same place, you just have a lot more opportunity.

JENNIFER MAYERLE: USA Curling says, by having everything in one location in a metropolitan area, may draw even more curlers to Minnesota. Three-time national champion Jamie Sinclair and her team moved to Minnesota three weeks ago.

JAMIE SINCLAIR: Because everything is here. In order to give this Olympic trials season our best shot, we really had to co-locate. So we're living together, we're training together every day. We're full-time athletes. The athletes train at TCO on the Vikings campus, and will continue to curl at the National Training Site in Chaska, where competitive athletes and others throw rocks.

MCKENZIE JOHNSON: Anybody can play. It's great for all ages, and certainly a great social sport as well.

JENNIFER MAYERLE: McKenzie Johnson is newer to the sport, and says news of the Minnesota headquarters is great for curling.

MCKENZIE JOHNSON: Definitely brings attention to the sport, even. Gets people curious and wanting to explore.

JENNIFER MAYERLE: Jennifer Mayerle, WCCO 4 News.

FRANK VASCELLARO: The USA women's curling team competes in Worlds beginning today, for a chance at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The men's team already qualified earlier this month.