USF Officials Investigate Noose Found Hanging Off Student Dorm Room Balcony

Andria Borba reports a noose was spotted hanging off a balcony of a USF student dorm (4-7-2021)

Video Transcript

- Some students of color are blasting the University of San Francisco for how it's handling a disturbing discovery in a student dorm. KPIX 5's Andria Borba has new details on the noose investigation.

BRIANNA JOHNSON: Nothing that they could have said could have prepared me to open that email and to actually, you know, read it through and actually see a picture of that noose.

ANDRIA BORBA: Two Black USC students spotted this noose hanging from a fourth floor balcony at USF's Loyola Village on March 30, which could be seen throughout the courtyard.

MARY WARDELL GHIRARDUZZI: It has been a hurtful incident. It is a shameful incident in so many ways because of the potent history of the noose in the United States.

ANDRIA BORBA: The university says the student behind the noose has been removed from the dorms at USF. There's already been a hearing in his case, but he hasn't been expelled or publicly named.

MARY WARDELL GHIRARDUZZI: We are bound by the Department of Education-- the US Department of Education I'm talking about-- and the legislation of FERPA, which is the right to privacy that all students in any college or university has.

ANDRIA BORBA: Brianna Johnson is the president of USF's Black Student Union and says identifying the student is a matter of safety for the USF student population, only 6% of which is Black.

BRIANNA JOHNSON: If we don't know who he is, we don't know if he shouldn't be in the spaces, you know? We don't know how to identify him. We don't know if we're ever going to be potentially put into danger because of his presence.

ANDRIA BORBA: Brianna says she and other Black students on campus don't feel supported at the Jesuit school.

BRIANNA JOHNSON: I feel like USF is tokenizing Black students, like they're putting us a front on these brochures about diversity and things like that. But when we say, like, hey, we have real concerns about being here, you know, or we're fearful of this, or we're having x problem, we're always met with, you know, no real resolution.

ANDRIA BORBA: The BSU says they were promised some answers early this week, and it's already Wednesday, and they have not received. Them the university says interviews are still ongoing in this case. In San Francisco, Andria Borba, KPIX 5.