USFL Player Antonio Reed Humiliated Opponent With Obscene Gamer Gesture, Fans Say

“Halo” fans accused a USFL player of using an obscene gesture from the video game to humiliate an opponent on Sunday. (Watch the clip below.)

Footage showed Antonio Reed of the Tampa Bay Bandits slamming into the head of the New Orleans Breakers’ Mike Stevens and knocking him to the ground. Reed then sat on Stevens’ head.

Some fans tweeted that Reed’s move looked like a version of a “Halo” teabag. Players of the video game “teabag” each other by dipping the unseen private parts of their avatars into opponents they’ve killed.

While Stevens didn’t put as much movement into the gesture as is customary in “Halo,” some Twitter users insisted Reed took a page out of the video game’s playbook.

The Breakers won 34-3, but Reed’s poor sportsmanship won some attention on social media.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.