USS Constitution Museum Reopens To The Public On Thursday

WBZ-TV's Nick Emmons reports.

Video Transcript


JOHN BENDA: 1, 2, 3.

- It's official with a swipe of a sword, the USS Constitution Museum is back open to the public. It also just so happens to be the attractions 45th birthday. WBZ's Nick Emmons has more on what it means to reopen this piece of Boston history.

NICK EMMONS: The USS Constitution Museum is now reopened to the public. And it just happens to fall on the 45th anniversary of its opening. Celebratory cannon fire to mark the reopening of a freedom trail staple.

JOHN BENDA: There is no better attraction here on the freedom trail or in the city of Boston.

NICK EMMONS: The USS Constitution is welcoming back guests once again after a difficult 2020. Pandemic's safety precautions kept guests off old ironsides and out of the museum, where people, young and old, can learn about the rich history of the USS Constitution.

JOHN BENDA: The resources inside this museum are very interesting, and entertaining, and fascinating. And as the captain of Constitution, the resources provide myself and the sailors, the 85 of us here, invaluable training resources to make sure that we are as close to being experts in constitutional history as we can be.

NICK EMMONS: Museum President and CEO Anne Grimes Rand says it was strange not having kids in the museum for the past year. And she looks forward to providing a safe experience for guests in accordance with city and state guidelines.

ANNE GRIMES RAND: Being able to open our doors, again, and welcome people inside and hear them learning about the ship, talking about the ship, laughing, and having fun, and exploring history, that's why we are here. That's what the museum is all about.

NICK EMMONS: And the museum will be open Thursday through Sunday from 10 to 5. In the Charlestown Navy Yard. I'm Nick Emmons, WBZ News.