Utah pulls off win against New Orleans

Candace Parker and Steve Sith break down Utah's win versus New Orleans.

Video Transcript

RO PARRISH: As far as assists go, they made 24 assists in five of their last six. They had 28 in this game against the Pelicans, and they've made at least 20 3's in four of their last six. Smitty, what's going on with Utah and this offense? Why are they so effective?

STEVE SMITH: Well, they're sharing the basketball, and the ball is not sticking. The hockey pass, the secondary assist, the pass that leads to assist. And then they're getting uncontested 3's. Yes, they're knocking them down at a high clip and a high rate. But when you get a chance to stand still and knock down shots, I mean, the ball is moving, but guys know where guys are. And they're putting the basketball right on time, putting it right in the shot pocket.

And then there's some guys like Donovan Mitchell is shooting it better. Royce O'Neale is shooting it better. But I'm with Candace Parker. Mike Conley, to me, is the key for the Utah Jazz-- and Joe Ingles. Those are the two players that has to play at a high level for them to ultimately get to that unbelievable goal. That's winning an NBA championship.

RO PARRISH: The Pelicans have lost five of their last six. However, one of the bright spots has been Zion Williamson, who's averaging 27 points in those five games. And he's shooting 65%. A lot of those buckets, Candace, he's going right in the chest of the opponent.

CANDACE PARKER: Yes, and an improvement from last season. Last season, he struggled with size. We saw him play against Rudy Gobert a number of times-- got blocked. Here, setting this nice little screen, getting a pocket pass. Split. Stands right there, going right through the chest of Rudy Gobert, and then again putting him in the middle of the floor, making Rudy Gobert guard him on a closeout.

He's able to go right through the chest of a 7-foot guy. And then again, he's not shying away from the contact. He's going through them. He's not fading so it gives the shot blocker the advantage. He's going through them. And I'm with Stan Van Gundy. Zion Williamson should shoot way more free throws than he does. And it's really hard to ref him.