Utah teacher who called Trump a 'moron' and advocated vaccines to students no longer employed at school

Utah teacher who called Trump a 'moron' and advocated vaccines to students no longer employed at school

A Utah high school teacher who said she "hates" "moron" former President Donald Trump told her students to "go tattle" on her "to the freakin' admins," as "they don't give a crap."

It turns out, they did.

Leah Kinyon is no longer employed at Lehi High School after Tuesday's rant about how Trump "sucks" while advocating her class to get the coronavirus vaccine.

"I hate Donald Trump. I'm going to say it. I don't care what y'all think. Trump sucks," she said. "He's a sexual predator. He's a literal moron. Go tattle on me to the freakin' admins — they don't give a crap."


"Alpine School District has concluded our investigation of the incident that occurred on August 17, 2021 at Lehi High School," said a statement from the district. "Although the details of a personnel investigation are confidential, the teacher involved is no longer an employee of Alpine School District."

"I am, like, so over it," Kinyon said. "I will be super proud of you if you choose to get the vaccine."

Kinyon said she didn't care if the students reported her comments to administrators and told them to ignore Fox News regarding masks and vaccines.

"This is my classroom, and if you guys are going to put me at risk, you are going to hear about it," she said. "I have to be here, and I don't have to be happy about the fact that there are kids coming in here with their variants that could get me or my family sick. That's rude. And I am not going to pretend like it's not. So don't ask me to."

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Kinyon continued by disparaging the students' parents.

"Most of y'all's parents are dumber than you. I'm going to say that out loud. My parents are freakin' dumb, and the minute I figured that out, the world opens up," she said. "You don't have to do everything your parents say, and you don't have to believe everything your parents believe because most likely, you are smarter than them."

Her tirade ended with a call to students to be more respectful and protective of those in the LGBTQ+ community.

A spokesperson for the district did not say whether Kinyon was fired or resigned.

President of the American Federation of Teachers-Utah Brad Asay said he cringed when he saw the video and worries parents might think such dialogue is the norm.


"This'll be construed as what happens commonly in the classroom and, emphatically, that is not the case. It is not," Asay said. "Teachers and staff are very professional. They care about kids."

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